Gabriel Sargsyan takes second place in Khazar Cup 2017

Gabriel Sargsyan takes second place in Khazar Cup 2017

Khazar Cup 2017 came to an end in Rasht, Iran. This year 97 players from 14 countries took part in the tournament: there were 16 GMs and 15 IMs among the participants, reports referring to the Chess Federation of Armenia.
One of the leading Armenian chess players Gabrial Sargsyan was among the participants as well. In the last round Sargsyan defeated IM Firouzja Alireza of Iran. Sargsyan scored 7 points. GM Berkes Ferenc of Hungary and IM Tabatabaei Amin of Iran scored 7 points too. Due to a better tie-break GM Ferenc became the winner of the tournament, Sargsyan was second and Tabatabaei came third.
Armenian young player Mamikon Gharibyan also showed a fantastic performance in the tournament. He scored 5.5 points out of 9. During the tournament he defeated several IMs and FMs. Despite the last round defeat from GM Oleg Korneec he gained 124 points of ELO, and took the 22nd which is a very good result for him in such a strong tournament.

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