‘Time to put issue of revising Kars treaty:’ Arman Navasardyan

‘Time to put issue of revising Kars treaty:’ Arman Navasardyan

Ambassador Arman Navasardyan sees serious dangers along Armenian border in the Azerbaijani-Turkish war-gaming actions taking place this month.

“It was a very dangerous step, not only because of the military game but also Cavusoglu announced that Armenian-Russian cooperation is on a very high level in the military sphere, so we must reach that level as well. In the way of bringing it to life, the question was put to create Turkish military base in Nakhichevan.

The funny thing is that he refers to the Kars Treaty but, in reality, the facts are placed upside-down there, as according to the 4th, 5th articles of the Treaty, there is clearly written that Turkey has no right to create there any military bases or forces and this is stated in 1921. If Turkey makes such a step, its northern borders should be reconsidered. In my opinion”, said Mr. Navasardyan.

Arpine Simonyan

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