Aram Sargsyan Talks About His Brother’s Support for Serzh Sargsyan (Video)

Aram Sargsyan Talks About His Brother’s Support for Serzh Sargsyan (Video)

The fact that Vazgen Sargsyan’s younger brother, Armen Sargsyan, publicly supported the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) candidate, Serzh Sargsyan, in the recent presidential election got an ambiguous response. Particularly given the fact that the other Sargsyan brother, Aram Sargsyan, the leader of the Republic Party, speaks as a radical oppositionist, and expressed an idea in one of his latest interviews that this was not an election, this was like playing house. Today inquired of Aram Sargsyan in Yerablur what he thought about Armen Sargsyan’s position. “I would very much like to ask Vazgen that question. I don’t know what he would have answered. I don’t know Vazgen’s answers to very few questions. Unfortunately, our friends and relatives are not always the way we want them to be. I am not the first one, neither am I the last one; the history of the world is full of such examples starting from the Bible. It is so; it is a fact that it is so. I don’t know,” Aram Sargsyan said, adding: “I am sad that it is so, that my younger brother doesn’t share my political views.” We inquired whether Aram and Armen Sargsyan had talked about that.

Aram Sargsyan said that he had had a conversation with his brother about that. “Certainly, I put forward my views, but Armen gave an interview as early as after the 2003 events and expressed his position; he expressed his position in 2008 too. Therefore, there is nothing novel here. It is just that society is surprised why it is so every time such opinions are expressed. I am not surprised.”


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